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The Call

"What?? You are not serious! Are you serious??!!! Aaaahh Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!!! Praise the Lord!!! I think I will cry!" PT*

...and tears of joy and hope broke her voice as she kept praising Jehovah-jireh!!!

Yesterday, PT* was in our office crying because she still couldn't find a job to provide for herself and her siblings in Africa, who are currently mistreated by who is looking after them because PT is unable to send money home!

She was troubled as we read the Bible together and talked about waiting and trusting...


The place I took her to yesterday to drop her resume off, called me saying that they will hire her!!!

Continue to pray, because this is just the beginning. It's not a strong contract, so pray that she may give her best and they will hire her permanently in the future!!



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After being trained at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Marco&Fede moved back to Italy to serve the local church in the unique and challenging environment or our motherland.

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