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Trauma pressed the "off button"

Trauma seems to be the talk of the century. Anyone can quickly learn about its effect on the body by simply typing a key word in the web search-window. YET, not many recognize its insidious grasp on someone’s daily life..


Today was PT*’s first day at her new job! Anna and I drove all the way to the town where the working place is, showed PT* how to get the new bus in the new city and stood next to her as she met the new supervisor.

She was all ready! Beautiful in her smart-casual attire that showed the effort to look professional. Little did she know that Trauma would soon sneek in and press the “off botton”.

Right as she was listening attentively to the supervisor’s instructions, a co-worker came in the office and the supervisor started expressing her disappointment in a loud tone for the multiple tasks that were not met the day before. She was reprimending a sloppy work and there it was… SNEEKY but POWERFUL!

In that moment, PT*’s eyes shut, her arms tensed, her hands closed in a wrist, her head bent down… I bet that if she could have crowled into fetus potision, she would have! Trauma had completely shut her down.. When the supervisor resumed talking to her, she was unable to smile and to look at her.. She kept looking away.

Being able to be PRESENT at that appointment, gave me the chance to cross sight with her, smile at her, gently touch her arm and reactivate her brain, making her feel GROUNDED and SAFE once again!


It's not just about rescue! Anti-trafficking work is also about empowerment!

Please, pray and consider becoming a financial supporter of God's work in Italy.


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After being trained at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Marco&Fede moved back to Italy to serve the local church in the unique and challenging environment or our motherland.

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